Videos are becoming a popular way for small business to provide cost-effective staff training thanks to portable technologies. Laptops, smartphones, phablets and tablets are allowing easier access to a growing number of inexpensive online training resources.



Lower cost training options mean more small businesses can use video training to improve their productivity and competitiveness by increasing the skill sets of their teams.

Plus, training opportunities may help make your team feel more valued. In turn, this can build loyalty and reduce costly staff turnover.

Social media can be a very effective for informal learning. For example, experienced staff can share tips with younger team members. With so many people now using social media, it’s a great opportunity to explore how to connect better with your staff and improve training.



Human beings are a visually-driven lot. Perhaps it’s due to our ancestry as hunters and the need to quickly scan the horizon for threats. Whatever the reason, the saying “A picture tells a thousand words” rings true for most of us.

The power of the moving image can communicate across all boundaries.


Companies are now able to easily connect and engage their dispersed employees no matter where they are located. But video is doing more than just providing an additional layer of instruction. It is literally transforming the way we learn in the workplace. It’s creating a deeper, richer experience for not just participants, but for instructors too. It’s for every company looking to enhance their corporate training.

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