Aerial photography is used in archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, power line inspection, surveillance, commercial advertising, conveyancing, and artistic projects.

That is the liability part of aerial drone photography for business. Businesses benefit from aerial photography using drones because of the unique and phenomenally outstanding look to images. Whether it is video or stills, professionals bring their knowledge and training as well as artistic talent to the art of aerial photography. The result is impressive and unique.

From Major TV Broadcasts to Real Estate & Developers, Tourism, Chambers of Commerce, Resorts, Colleges, Law Enforcement, Insurance Firms and Golf Courses…you name it – the sky’s the limit Viacom India is proud to be a top source for aerial Videography and photos in India, we’ve continually refined our approach to creating immersive Videos/Photos. Nothing has quite captured the imaginations of brands and consumers like Viacom. Aerial is a developing technology with a tremendous amount of possibility and whose brightest days are still ahead. We are one of the leading Professional Filmmaker in India. From Vision conception to final execution, all the parameters of Aerial filmmaking are done by our best technical team. We are using best quality camera rig with the appropriate sync setting for the shoot. Our expert editors and artists give corporate look to the film which is our specialization. We also provide upload facility on YouTube for sending Links.

With the latest aerial mapping software, we are able to provide stunning high definition topographical photographs and 3D models of large quantities of land. With the use of our state of the art UAV, we can collate a series of photographs automatically (up to 1000) and stitch these together in post. This means we can survey extensive areas of land with the click of a button. We can save the flight path the drone takes, and come back at a later date and re-capture the photo. The drone will automatically re-take the same amount of images at the exact same points, perfect for progress photography.

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